Borellus12's Compilation

Hello there.
I would like you to take a trip with me through the history of my screenshot progression.
There were a few Gmod 7-9 pictures that I don’t have anymore. You aren’t missing anything special there though.
All of these are made with Gmod 10 and all edited with
Let us start with my first pictures ever posted on Facepunch.

They are thumbnailed for your information.

Lets move on to other old ones.
I am just going to give you the link to help clear up the thread. There is a lot of pictures with more to be added!

This is when I learned that filter rape is not good. I learned my lesson.

This is when I started to become mildly obsessed with Stalker

When I first made this, I thought I created a masterpiece at the time.

Lesson not so well learned from the last time of filter raping.

This is the time at which my posing was starting to improve.

Here is the second picture that Drag0nsnak3 edited.

This is the first picture that I think was worthy of being posted.

They are starting to get better.

This was the beginning of my scene building. Not so great at the time.

Pretty dark.

A bunch of these. That was me in the pictures.

Some better scene builds.

My first try at editing blood. Didn’t turn out to well and hasn’t changed much still.

Here are a bunch of random pictures from a recent thread.

And that ends all the the pictures that I made a thread for Facepunch (not including the ones I made after this thread was made).
Now for the unrealesed ones.
These range from old to new.
Edited by Hairybastard

Planning to make a project out of these.



Posing by Forkman


Realism test. Film grain, brown filter, bloom, and sunbeams makes everything more realistic


Posing(?) by Resistance777

I don’t remember who made this one. I just edited it.
Tomtomato edited this one.
From L4D FYI.

Jesus Christ, that took a long time.
I hope you enjoyed my thread and didn’t have too hard of a time loading the thread.
Thank you and enjoy.

Awesome pics man

Some were ok, some were indeed Beutiful Pics…

Haha the one with the Combine dude taking pictures of everything was awesome.

Nice XD

Thanks guys. I hope I can get more comments. I spend a good two hours trying to make this for everyone.
Your comments are really appreciated.

You don’t have to post everything you know. There are some amazing pictures in here but waiting for the filter-raped stuff and the Combine Elite with a camera stuff to load is a bit irritating.

That’s just kickass. Good job on most of them, because some are pretty, well, I’d say filter-raped :stuck_out_tongue:

Where’d you get those Stalker maps?

Very nice posing, some of the effects are a bit too strong, but overrall it looks really fantastic.

The shots with you in them were pretty clever.
What map is this?

Yeah, sorry for the image over load. Still wasn’t everything though. I cut some out.

I believe that it was de_port

This is pure awesome

Starts like meh

Ends with wow

Haylook! A pose by me!

I noticed a huge improvement from your start to current, nicely done, keep it up.

I thought alot of them were very good. Well done.

Very good stuff.

really cool great job

The phone camera one made me lol

Some of those were indeed beautiful. My personal favorites were the L4D team in shock, as well as a few of the “Still Life” type photos, such as the deserted Capture Point or the bar with the stools flipped up. Sadly, I guiltily enjoyed the “overdone realism” picture a lot. Just imagining what it’d look like in motion made me weep.

I’m glad you liked the simplicity of the still life ones. It is like a breath of fresh air from most of the generic CT shooting terrorist thing

I saw a few things there that I really liked but most of em were pretty crap tbh!