borg try to get into gmod.

well the borg are trying to assimilate gmod as well.
the borg is saying “'We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is Futile”

Needs more AA.

Horrible graphics, horrible posing and no editing.

I think you get it.

i did edit it who cares about the poseing its how i saw it in my mind to look and i put up the aa up all the way and the graphics are on high stop complaining.

Sure you did…

Using MSPaint to put the Borg dude in isn’t editing.

Apparently, normal body physics don’t exist in your mind.

Really? I see a helluva lot of jaggies.

Why did you post this screenshot here if you didn’t want criticism?

You sir, are correct.


Why comment on the pic if he’s gonna bitch at us for criticizing it.
the posing is very stiff or to loose on a lot of the models.
and the lighting is like nothing on the enterprise.

The guy on the left looks like he’s getting ready to take it in the ass.

Don’t question Prismatex, he knows all about this.

I think the rules of this section is to give constructive critisism.
But you’re really just bashing him.

I told him the picture needed AA. That can easily be fixed.
I told him the posing looks really unnatural.

How is that not constructive?

well ok let me calmy try to explain this. ok.

  1. its only my second time with photoshop (even though it looks like mspaint)
    2.the poseing i know i need to work on and im sorry for snaping on that part
  2. the aa was up as far as i could put it its the models and the texture still a model problem

I love First Contact! :smiley:

well 1 good comment and counting…