Boring Job

Maybe some of you might remember this, i did it a few weeks (maybe a month?) ago and couldn’t make the lighting and left it on mat_fullbright 1

… So i decided to try making it again… Of course, it doesn’t looks like the original, but well…

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My computer almost dies while making this so i thought it’d be good to post it on a thread. I really didn’t knew how to make the lighting so i hope it doesn’t looks so bad

Bonuses! [SP](Black BG poses actually)[/SP]

Posing is spot-on, good work.

can i share this image to my page ? , i promise i will leave credit :smiley:

I’d really like to know where those models like the camo netting and flags came from.

Sure, go ahead

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Znalecc’s Spec Ops scenebuild pack

I guess u should upper the camera a bit and add a more “dusty” fog, other than that it looks great :3