Boring unless you like to help people

**I’m looking for a port of the old HUD for the DarkRP gamemode.
I’d also be satisfied with something that looks alike, but ehm.
I’m making a server which most of you probably expect to be
another generic shibboleth, we’ll see.
I really don’t like the new hud/interface whatever.
So i’m looking for a port or a remake of the old one
that should look like this one

I found that on a server i used to play on, but
i just really want the old simplistic interface.

I might as well reward the one that can satisfy
me with some TF2 stuff, that’s the only thing i have
really, it depends if anyone wants a little, why not be
generous to the ones that aid you ?**

This probably is in the wrong section too…

I am not looking for any of the features shown in the pictures, just looking for a port of the old interface.
The pictures are only examples to make the other guys remember stuff u’kno

Why is most of your text bold? Ewww! Also your title is (probably) bannable “Boring unless you like to help people” Really? Just… Really? Also if you want somebody to make something for you, use ScriptFodder.

He’s asking if anybody has the hud he wants. He’s not asking for someone to make it.

As my name brother said, i’m looking for something like this, maybe someone have seen a port or something like that