Born to kill

lighting’s good, posing’s good, shader effects are good, muzzleflash is a horribly cartoony piece of poo and the angle leaves a lot of empty space on the left around the machine gun

Yeah, some tracers coming out of the M60 wouldn’t hurt.

Also, tweak your flashlightdepthres and Lamp settings. Your shadows are very pixelated. Try using the “soft” type of Lamp, it usually casts the best shadows (In my experience, that is)

Who knew the M60 uses caseless ammunition? Nice job nonetheless. Lighting looks great, but as was mentioned earlier the muzzle flash doesn’t quite fit.

That’s pretty much very awesome.

yes they would

Thanks for all criticism. but the shadow problem and gun fired with no bullet case problem is because it’s re-editing of almost 1 year old pose that i never upload on facepunch.

and, yeah. that muzzleflash effect looks weird. i’ll try better next time.