Boss Gamemode

This Gamemode Object is Player Team Killed Wave Boss NPC

Play ScreenShot = {



In all seriousness, this looks like it could be an alright gamemode.
Lots of potential.

Some screenshots.
thats all?

and they look pcool, do you have a problem with not being able to steal the luas?

i uploaded this base mode soon

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this mode wave code just 150 lines

The OP’s English is horrible. Please tell me you don’t speak English fluently.

Oh yeah, and this gamemode looks retarded.

how about u be nice, he is korean

Reverse racism there ^

I see it as a very repetitive gamemode

Then why register to a prominently English community?

hes learning it so maybe it helps him

I don’t think there is a korean community for facepunch, and I don’t think its fair just because he is not fluent in english he can’t post on the website.

Please come back when you have more content to show or are publicly releasing files.