"Boss here is our requests!" Red Engineer requests more stuff from the boss...

Who is gman…

Engineer: Sir, the team and I have came up with what seems to be a large list of demands.

The Heavy wants more lunch breaks and more sandwichs.
The Soldier demands medals for his service
The Sniper demands that his pay is doubled for every headshot in the field
The Medic needs a flight to Oktoberfest?
The Spy requests a pack of La Cigs, some kind of expensive high quality thing.
The Scout needs replacing after I cracked his skull with my wrench for shouting “Need a Dispenser here”
The Demoman wants a life time supply of Scottish Rum
And I need a new PDA for my equipment.
Also we didn’t know what the Pyro wanted because he kept mumbling and wont take that mask off…

And things for the base are…

Repairs to the sewer level
Repairs to the broken toilets
Closer and larger ammo and health supply
Replacement of burnt furniture
A cleaner for the blood
A repair man for the benches in the equipment room because I aint fixing anything that the damn tub of lard breaks!

Nice, but it the text should be in the image and there should be some images about it(the things engie says.)

All of the text wont fit in the image and I dont want to turn it into a comic.


Also this is the screenshot section. Not the comic section. Wake up Latin

That made me laugh so hard.

Thanks. I thought of that one when thinking about when I was playing with a griefer on Granary.