Boss N.P.C.

Add a more challenging PVE monster, such as Manbearpig.


I respect your opinion.

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There are Bears, Pigs and Humans. What’s to say they couldn’t cross-breed over several generations to create a super predator. That’s evolution.

-Charles Darwin

Or maybe just more powerful monsters?

Exactly Mr.Klan.

But not even Mel Gibson could kill it…

I’m super cereal, we need Al Gore.

You need help … bro :slight_smile:

You need a sense of humor … bro :wink:

So how is a human a pig and a bear suppose to breed?

bro home dog mcgee

Also please add a mob that is kind of like the rake/the night monsters from ‘‘How to Survive’’/wheezers from S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

The game would be really cool if a horror element is added into it. A legion of men charging at you with their flaccid penises out is pretty horrid, but I like the wheezer idea better personally.

Edit : Can’t forget SCP-096, something looking like a combination of those four monsters would make people shit themselves

In that case, we should also have Banshees that roam the darkness…

The only way to survive is to be near a light source.

Well, when a man and a pig are in love… a bear comes and rapes their offspring to create a beast known as “Manbearpig”

… I shudder to think of what inhuman brain thought that up.

Seriously though, I’d like more variety of enemies. Not necessarily bosses, but just a wider variety.
Maybe a Witch- style monster (Witch as in L4D).
Be cool to have a really freaky rare zombie-like thing (maybe appearance like the fast zombies from Half Life 2?), kneeled down in the middle of the wilderness, moaning to itself. If you pull out a flare, turn on a flashlight, or plant a campfire before alerting it, it snarls and runs away, but if you startle it before exposing it to light it goes berserk and attacks anyone nearby with deadly force (disregarding light sources until there are no more targets and the berserk subsides)

Maybe a bear that makes bear noises instead of barking like a dog lmao.

Omg its you again. -.-
You could at least be creative and think of a better way of thinking this idea out.
Like a monster that mutated within the radiation which only lives in caves and in the caves there are good loot, etc :stuck_out_tongue:

cant have caves in unity.


A freaking awesome idea and freaky too!

How about a pig that makes Manbear noises?

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If I was actually going to put that much effort into this thread I would try to get paid for it.

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I’m being called out by someone who doesn’t know how to use punctuation! :frowning: