Bossley and Smithers Episode 1

A Garry’s Mod parody by D!ffr@c+0r and Sumdumbguy! Bossley and Smithers is yet another Garry’s Mod video series, but one with a fresh point of view. In episode one, Smithers constructs a crude go-cart and Bossley criticizes it’s lack of safety. Then later that night, Smithers breaks into Bossley’s house and vandalizes his computer equipment!

RATED R: Explicit Language and Lyrics

Science Rules \m/

Theme tune is fucking amazing. And this really highlights the mishaps some Gmodders can get into. Please, do make more.

Many thanks for the kind words. We plan to make more!

That was really good! :v:

Lol awesome tune and it was pretty funny

I appreciate the feedback guys. Sumdumbguy and I are going to start work on the next episode. I plan to add a science-oriented educational element to the show while keeping it in the comedy genre.

Doesn’t anyone have any constructive criticism to share? I’m always looking to improve and the next episode will have:

  • Better Chroma Keying Technique
  • Lip Synced Dialog
  • Better Music Production Technique (Real guitar har har)
  • Better Camera Angles & Moving Camera Rigs
  • Custom Materials for Titles
  • Stop-Motion When Necessary

Some critiquing would be highly appreciated! :smiley: