Bot communication.

I haven’t tried anything yet, as i still need to rough out some edges on my bot, but once i do, i’m going to try and get my bots to communicate with it’s own kind.

My idea is that i can use a series of small entities; have my bot spawn an entity to indicate to other bots what needs to be done.

For example, i make a specific entity named “bot_injured” and have my bot spawn one to indicate that it’s injured. I have all other bots constantly scan for entities, and if they pick up my entity, they can find out who is injured, and where they are by using an owner system, and thus respond to an allied injury by sharing enemies or entering different behavior states.

However, it’s a little tedious to code a bunch of specific entities, and i’m not sure if spawning functionless entities will cause any memory strain, so my question is, is there a more effective way to get bots to communicate with each other?

You could just insert the bot’s position/id into some global table of bots_injured etc.
There’s probably an even better way than that.