Bot/PLayer save system idea?

While I was at work my friend and I were chatting, and we started chatting about GTA 5. He mentioned some like bot/player idea, and it got me thinking. Could someone do the same for gmod? Basically when someone leaves your server, it would save tier position, and also create a bot with their same name. The thing is the bot would continue living its life like normal. When you rejoined it would re spawn you where you last left. Now the one problem I see with this, is it would keep the server looking full all the time, and people do not like joining servers with bots on them. Although, if you implemented in some like mugging method, to were the bots were useful, people might not mind. It would still force the server to the top though. Idk, this is just a idea, but I wanted to see if there was any way to make it where it wouldn’t pi$$ people off. I know I would hate to join a server with nothing but bots, unless they were acting like actual players, or something.

This idea seems simple enough to do, except for the whole bot roaming stuff. Idk how you would make a bot follow a certain pattern and stuff. I imagine you can do timed animations with a timer. That I could do easily, but the whole bot following a certain path", thing confuses me. I read something about making a like nav thing for bots. I think that has to be done for the map though. I also don’t know how to name bots, and there is the whole issue with if you disconnect inside of the police station, or store. It might make getting into peoples houses easier, and getting stuck in jail. Although it might also prevent people from leaving your server when they are arrested, but more prone to bugs and all.

Just tell me below what you think about it. Personally I am just trying anything at the moment. Looking for a idea that is weird and seems like it would fail, but actually ends up being good. I just don’t want to start coding this until I have a better base for this. It might work well in GTA, but not so well in gmod.

You can make a new entity called ply_bot as a nexbot which includes animations and moving around + pathfinding, then have something like:

PlayerBots = PlayerBots or {}

hook.Add(“PlayerDisconnect”, “createBot”, function(client)
local bot = ents.Create(“ply_bot”)

PlayerBots[client:SteamID()] = bot

hook.Add(“PlayerInitialSpawn”, “restoreBot”, function(client)
local bot = PlayerBots[client:SteamID()]

if (!IsValid(bot)) then return end


I don’t think you can pull off npcs or bots that behave well enough like players. Presumably you want this for RP purposes, which change with the flight of whim. The NPCs will not react in ways real enough to be a positive. They would serve little purpose than acting as walking bores.

Oh wow thanks. I am not sure if I actually want to do or try this though. I am more afraid of it killing my server, because of the whole bot thing.

Yea , that is why I asked for opinions first before I did anything. I know pretty much anything is possible in gmod, it just might require a ton of work. Although I think it would be cool to be able to mug npcs. it could either increase or decrease rdm. More then likely it would increase it though. Plus I am trying to pull darkrp away from just cops and robbers. Like its fun and all to a extent, but there has got to be more. Idk what I am searching for. I have some other ideas I am working on but I feel the chances of people boycotting/trolling my server would increase.

Have it run ariund and shoot places, then you got RP :v:

I’m not sure you’re aware that a nextbot NPC is not like a regular bot. It will not add to your server player count.

I totally forgot facepaws . This is why I should not post late at night.