botch: PathNode fix/optimization

Revision 916
PathNode fix/optimization
Issue was on disconnect CPathNodeManager would cause a crash because it would double delete things. fix was to replace all the new and delete calls that would just stick the pointers into a vector with using a list (non pointer) now clearing the list deallocated all CNodeInfo 's.
While I was in there I optimized the functions a bit inside PathNode.cpp ( mainly using squared distance vs regular distance for comparing ). Also added m_Index to CNodeInfo which can be used to avoid reprocessing data when doing a double iteration on nodes. Examples in the code.
I found a few things that stuck out to me too as a little awkward. Marked them with INSPECT in the code. might be worth looking at.

at any rate calling disconnect doesn’t give a crash anymore. the CNodeINfo::Pair struct can probably be done away with but kept it in because i want to go over later how it can be used to optimize more.

otherwise theres 16bits unused in CNodeInfo because of m_Index being a unsigned short and alignment being 32. Doesn’t seem like IntFlags is being used currently, maybe it could be ShortFlags ? after defining that i mean.Changed Files:
Committed By Pat Glynn