botch: re enabling threaded loads of textures and shaders..

Revision 1025
re enabling threaded loads of textures and shaders.

-textures now look up their image info ( width, height, format ) prior to being sent to thread job. – I think this clears up alot of the weirdness

-materials now only call PreRender if the shader is ready.
-materials StartDraw returns false right away if the shader is not ready ( before it would return true once with the iter at -2 ( this really wouldn’t have been called since shaders did not load on threads, its just a issue found when reenabling threading loads )

job_shader and job_texture console variables have been added. 1 means load in job thread ( default ), 0 means load in main thread ( wait ). Changed Files:
[li]trunk/Source/render/CMaterial.cpp [/li][li]trunk/Source/render/CShader.cpp [/li][li]trunk/Source/render/CTexture.cpp [/li][li]trunk/Source/render/CTexture.h[/li][/ul]

Committed By Pat Glynn