Both Zero Suit Samus models combined

We have two Zero Suit Samus models available, one by Fluxmage and the other by Mariokart64n. Each of them have their pros and their cons…

I Like Mariokart’s a lot because of the ragdolled hair and shiny latex-y effects on her suit, but the faceposing is terrible. The faceposing on the Fluxmage version, however, is vastly superior, however it lacks the shiny suit and ragdolled hair…

I was wondering if it’s possible for someone to take Mario’s model and give it Flux’s faceposing…then, we’d have the perfect Zero Suit Samus model. Is anybody able to do this?

Ya I agree, mario does a lazy job on face flex.

Just wait and see :smiley:

The SHOULDER on the left one.

Yeah, stick with flux’s model shape too, Mario’s model shoulders are horrible.

And either add breast poseability like Mario’s or jiggle bones. Makes it more realistic.

I prefer poseability for ragdolls.

I’ve always found that breast poseability makes it harder to position a ragdoll and set it upright. It’s just too…you know…top heavy.

why bother making her perfect and shit if you’re just going to rape her

Flux’s Samus proportions are not like in brawl or prime 3, she has Alyx’s skeleton.

Shiney suit would be very easy to add, just altering the .vmt file a little and use the texture from mario’s model (i guess there’s an alphachannel added for specularity).

Making Mario’s model face poseable is a little harder and would require a recompile of the model using flux’s .vta file at best or a huge ammount of reworking at worst.

The best solution would be if either mario or flux would polish up their model themselfs.