i heard people can rip things from xbox games so i wonderd if some one could rip 50 cent, tony yayo, lloyd banks an dj whoo kid from blood on the sand as i have been after these models for ages

i would ask if its not too much that who ever does this could they make npcs an player models for each one

pics for refrance:

Your in luck =3 Dj whoo kid will be released very shortly, along with some other models I need to release!

nice but will you be doing yayo, banks an 50??

50 Cent is a no go, Yayo and Banks will probably be done, there models as such and materials are done, i just have to properly be bothered to weight them properly XD

k but this may be pushing it will it be possible to rip the tottaly awsum assasin woman or the crystal skull XD

Crystal skull would be piss easy, just need to find the files, Damn wx360 !! XD

lol thx i just want these models shame bout 50 but i personally prefer the Lloyd Banks model, also i think that a gd port would be shirtless 50 from the bulletproof arcade mode but is it possible to rip ps2 or original xbox??


Self explanatory…

XD :slight_smile: happyness but still is it possible to rip the shirtless 50 from original xbox, also could you make the jeans normal

I don’t recall that you can rip from XBox Original and for a texture hack you can have the burden of doing that yourself :L

:L an the jeans??

I said

:open_mouth: oh i thought that was about the shirtless

rate myself dumb