Bought a Rustkey but still no code...........

I bougth a Rustgame-Key 2 days ago but still I haven’t got the code.Maybe they sent it to but it has to be
I have the Paypal transaction code.Everything but not the Rustgame-Key.I really want to play it.I wrote 3 Tickets but 48h later still no answer is the Support drinking coffee all the time?


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It’s sticky…

Already tried it with the 2nd link.Which e-mail do i have to write in the box?I tried both and do i have to be logged in?

They send the code to the email that is within your paypal transaction.

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(User was banned for this post ("dumb reaction gif reply" - postal))

it’s ute.overkamp but this don’t even exist anymore but the paypal message was sent to ute-overkamp

could you stop that shit?!I want my code i paid for it

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Is the code in the Paypal message?And why does it say when I register ‘‘invaild BETA code’’

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oh c’mon MilkCake really?Please give me my code back