Bought a VPS with VNC. Server not responding xD

Alright. Last night I bought a VPS from ServerMania. So far it’s amazing. I have set up the GMod server using SteamCMD and everything. I have one problem though. Whenever I start the server, It says “Not responding” in the Steam Server list. It seems to be working because in the command prompt, it says Public IP “PUBLICIP”. The ports aren’t blocked and 27015 is port forwarded.

Any help is appreciated.

My skype is flyinghigh112 if you wanna help me through there.


Have your ports open on the VPS?

Did you port forward 27015 and 27005? Port 27005 handles the servers list.

If you don’t portforward 27005 you can still connect with ‘connect YourServerIPAddress’ in the game console.

Speaking as a VPS owner myself, you should have (by default) a completely open port range.

Be sure to check to make sure that the server executable is not finding something else occupying the port “27015”, otherwise it will assign a different port.

To force assignation of a port you can launch the server with the parameter “-port”, followed by an integer value.

If the previous tips do not fix your issue,

Be sure to check CVars in your server CFG (or any other form of configuration file you may have, should it be Lua or CFG) for set variables that my or may not inhibit network communication. EX: sv_lan.