bought a xenon server

please someone help me i found out how to use ulx mod which is probably the easiest thing to do and i also found out how to change maps and i already made myself superadmin but now I need help setting up a dark rp or perp idont care which one I just want a rp server soo thanks who ever can help me step by step it would be much appreciated.

If you can’t set up DarkRP and do something unique with it, why would you want to host ANOTHER DarkRP server?

But on topic: No one can help you if you don’t explain in full detail. We don’t need to know what you can already do, we need to know what you are having problems with, all the errors you get if you try, just saying ‘I need help’ isn’t very helpful for us.

If I recall, they have an automatic plugin installer with DarkRP in it.