Bought gaming PC and was banned on rust please help


I recently bought a gaming PC bundle from facebook marketplace
I was told it has no issues playing games and could play rust with high FPS

When I got home I bought an account, began downloading rust, played and got a base up and after 30mins I was instantly banned and said “game banned”. I was on facepunch AU server.
The whole purpose of buying a gaming PC was so I could play rust with my best friend. I have never cheated in any game in my entire life. This must be a mistake

I read over your policies and I havent cheated and I havent had my account stolen as I just purchased it along with this gaming PC

So I dont understand how i could have cheated?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as Ive just spent over $1700 dollars on this computer and now i cant even play the game which was the reason why I bought this in the first place

I also have photos of the facebook advertisement and the messages with the seller

photo on rust of ban

photo of sellers advertisement

Ive tried emailing EAC but no reply yet. I honestly dont know whats going on and I am freaking out, i spent so much money on this pc and now its wasted the seller wont even give me a refund

This is commonly known as “Trap Computers”, they are made to catch users that want to cheat by gaining an unfair FPS advantage ( 100+ FPS ).
Can you link your steam account?

my steam account: Steam Community :: Rust :: DontRaidMe
friend got it for me when i bought the pc

I messaged facepunch and they said the pc is hardware banned and has had over 40 accounts previously banned on it and that they couldnt remove the ban as it goes against there policies

I went through all the policies and couldnt find anything anywhere that talks about my problem

I havent shared accounts, I havent been hacked. all i did was buy a new computer
how was i supposed to know the seller had been hardware banned

Well there’s your problem.
You spent $1,700.00 on a PC that was marketed as new (Which would be worth $1,200.00) but in reality was used (Which would be worth under $1,000.00) and has been hardware banned from probably more games. You should ask for a refund.

No I dont think you understand, It wasnt marketed as new. He did me a deal which was $1250 and then threw in extra peripherals for another $400

But I understand what you mean. I cant get a refund because he did nothing illegal. my dad said the computer works so technically there is no reason for a refund. I couldnt check anywhere for the ban and I didnt even know what a hardware ban is

That’s such a sucky situation to be in. You might actually be one of the few that deserve to be unbanned

I know right.
Ive emailed Easy anti cheat maybe 4 times through there support service. but after all this googling all im finding is that they take days - weeks to reply. I really hope someone can help me. But im begining to slowely doubt based on everything ive been reading.
I feel terrible and so devastated with this whole situation. I literally feel sick to my stomach
I was so excited to get my first proper gaming pc and now the whole experience has just been heart breaking. I dont even know what to do if they dont unban me. I cant get a refund, cant get unbanned. Ill be stuck with $1700 worth of junk that cant even play rust

EDIT: Ive even contacting epic games through there support and they said there is nothing they can do because easy anti cheat is seperate to them