Bought Gmod: Asking for Source SDK Base and I dont have it!

Ok, so my friend paid me $10 to gift him Gmod because his parents think their credit card would get stolen buying it. So I gifted it to him and when he tries to run it, it asks for Source SDK Base. Of course, he has hl2 preloads and everything. But it wont run. I need a way to get it working without buying another game.

You need to OWN a source-based game, a preload won’t do.

Well I asked for a way to get gmod running without buying another game.

He’s going to have to fork out on one. Buy CS: S or something, it’s got more content for GMod.

There isn’t one, you ABSOLUTELY NEED to OWN a source engine based game other than Gmod

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And it’s a little late to buy CSS. If I knew thsi was gonan happen I would of told him to save up $24 instead… If I knew this would happen he would have saved $5 :frowning:

well why didn’t you check before you went and gave it to him? dont flame us for your mistakes

Late? Buy Team Fortress 2 then, they still update that.

Don’t. CSS has far more content.

What I mean by late is that he could have saved $5 lol. Me and my friend are looking for a way to use preloads to fix this, using gcfscape, extract css files into his account folder. And I did know you needed a source game to run it. But I thought a pre-load would work.

Sorry to say the truth but that’s entirely useless. It’s not a matter of having the content or not. Steam simply checks whether or not you have bought a game that comes with the source SDK. If you haven’t it won’t let you have it.

Darn, is there a way I can refund the gmod gift and give him his money back?

Confirmation code in email. But when you go to buy the game, it says what you need in orange lettering. Be careful what you purchase.

And where do you go to do this?

I thought it wouldn’t let you buy Gmod without a source game on your account? I read that somewhere, I know it.

Valve (steam) won’t refund you. This is clearly outlined in the reg agreement.


It says on the steam page that it requires a Source game.

Then why did it give me the game to gift to him? Hm?

Because you bought it. It’s not valve’s fault you can’t read.

Just save up another $20 and get him CS:S. You’ll both be happy in the end. You cannot get a refund unless the game was a pre-order, or bought by a credit card.