Bought key before steam, forgot pw and can't request a new one.

Aaand now I can’t get my steam key :frowning:

Says I already attempted a password reset on that email when I try on, however I have no mails in my main or junkmail from Rust except my old password and receipt etc.

How do I go about this? I really want to add it to steam and play asap!

‘except my old password’
‘Bought key before steam, forgot pw’

Obviously my old PW doesnt work anymore since I changed it. I just mentioned what emails I have from RUST.

Stupid assumption there. People change their passwords.

If you have a recipt like you say, open a support ticket with Facepunch, and be sure to screencap the recipt and send it along with your ticket, I am sure they can sort things out for you.

I did and they sent me a generic email mentioning things I already know, like the old.playrust website etc -.- I might just buy a new key soon if this doesnt work. It’s been 1 week.