Bought new server from FPSPlayers yesterday - It is VERY laggy

I bought a new server yesterday and only me and my 5 friends have been playing on it so far and we are all experiencing a lot of lag and delay when doing certain things and player characters are skipping all across the screen. My friends are all spread out all over the US with different internet speeds, but we’re all experiencing the same kind of lag at pretty much the same time. I opened a ticket with FPS and they are basically blaming the game. This is the reply I got:

"I’ve checked over the node, the CPU is at 21%, 15GB of memory left, no I/O delay and the network capacity is only at 11%.

Rust isn’t running well in general since the last few patches around 4 weeks ago - all to be expected when running an Alpha I’m afraid.

Please let me know if you need anything further."

Is this normal with FPS servers? The server location is Dallas. Should I maybe request a change to a different location?