Bought Orange Box and got HL2: Lost Coast and Gmod 9 for free...?

Unless I missed something, I’m pretty sure HL2: Lost Coast and Garry’s Mod 9 aren’t in the Orange Box.

here’s a screenshot of my library:

I’m also pretty sure that’s not the Gmod 9 icon. Unless it is?


Yes I sent a support ticket to Valve but I’m not waiting 24 hours for a response.

isn’t gmod 9 free and lost coast is also a free little map you get when you buy any hl2 title

GMod 9 is a free mod for HL2. GMod 10 marked the game’s first commercial release. You must have installed it previously at some point.

HL2: Lost Coast is a free tech demo for the Source engine’s HDR rendering setup.

ah, alright.

But is that the real icon?

If it is that’s pretty hilarious.

Yes, that was Gmod 9’s real icon.

Well I attempted to play it and I couldnt do anything except find a server or change options, and no servers were found. I deleted the files but I dont know if the game is still in my library. Had to get off the comp when it was done. But it’s def not playable. My bro DID download a torrent once about a few months ago, I think, but never ran it. No idea how it got into my Steam library NOW though.

A sourcemod is installed for all steam accounts at once.

Yeah I saw that folder in steamapps

but the gmod 9 didnt play so w/e


Lolyeah that icon.


You must have installed that quite some time ago. Back when GMod 10 was released, I had a hell of a time finding a working download for 9.

Hey, look! It’s where my avatar came from!

You know what’s funny? GMOD 9 uses Facepunch’s icon for Funny, now that is what you call :v:

Ok but seriously, why cant I play it?

It still shows up in my steam library even after deleting it.


Oh wait no it’s gone now.

Is there a way to reinstall it or is it pointless now? (wondering if my version was somehow super bugged)

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wait never mind I’ve found the ModDB download.

thanks for the help, guys.

If I remember correctly, you couldn’t play multiplayer unless you dinked with the gameinfo.txt or something

yeah well this will do fine until I get the proper Gmod.

Again, thanks guys.