Bought rust but the key doesnt work

Please help me as soon as possible!!#!@#!

I am having the same problem at the moment, the key they sent is too long, should be 6 digits instead of 12.

Email garry at, keep in mind a response can take some time.

I have an old rust key and I see its been changed to 6 insted of how ever long this thing is please help

Old inactive accounts were removed and I guess it’s the same for old keys, you should’ve used it when you could.


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any way i could get help i got it from a youtube give a away

Mine was 12 long and worked fine.
Email garry and he’s fix it when he’s available.

you may be looking at the receipt code which is different from the key. the key is in a separate email from Facepunch

mine was 9 digits just try entering the code.

Maybe this is a new type of beggers, where theyy pretend they bought a key, so they can get a free one.

Space the key out with dashes. XXXX-XXXX-XXXX or how ever many characters your key is.

Type the KEY here… so… we… can… look at… it

If youre lucky it can work some say that 12 numberd keys work