Bought rust on old site. Cant log in to get steam key

I bought Rust when it was on the old site, I know you have to log in to get a steam key, and I seem to have forgotten my password. The “forgot password?” button does not appear to be working for me as I have not gotten a email. I have checked my trash/spam folders and it does not appear to be in either of them. Am I able to get a steam key or is my account gone? Thank you for whatever help you can give.

I have been to the site. my problem is that I cannot gain access to my account and the forgotten password button will not send me a email.

The service for recovering it probably down. Your out of luck; you could try contacting Garry.

I made a ticket on the support site that was suggested to someone else in another post 10 days ago. I don’t mind waiting just didn’t know if it was being monitored at all.