Bought rust, started it up... can't join any servers.

I just purchased rust about an hour ago and I can’t join any servers. The list comes up, I can click them and the name turns orange for a second and then… nothing. Nothing happens. Any ideas?

Did you try to double click the server name?

Yep, ended up clicking like a madman to see, tried clicking then waiting, tried clicking then clicking some more

It just does nothing.

Did you try restarting?

If you did that and it didn’t work, did you try re installing the game?

Try validating the game files.

That fixed my bug which prevented me from playing on any servers back in the day. :slight_smile:

Its a safety feature, its for your own good.

click on “refresh” and try it again

Press F1, then paste here what you’re getting so we could have an idea whats goin’ on.-

I still can’t join any servers… When I press f1 it says “rust.” and nothing else
clicking on a server name still just makes it turn orange for a second and then nothing
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wait now it says
“Skipped frame because GfxDevice is in invalid state(device lost)”
about a million times

Firewall? Blocking Rust connections?

are you on a laptop?

Try joining a server directly using their IP, it could be some sort of NAT issue. I saw someone say they had this problem the other day, before eventually being able to join Absolut Rust. They said they couldn’t join any official servers, and had to dig around in the modded list awhile before finding one they could join. Keep at it, or give it some time and come back to it, and perhaps the issue will resolve itself.

just google the error
try to run the game in windowed mode

Go to (or whatever other server site you want to use), pick any server in a nearby country, copy the ip, then open up the Rust console and put in “net.connect serverIPgoeshere” without quotes. Try a few different servers, official and unofficial/modded, to be sure that you’re not just getting unlucky and connecting to servers right after they power-cycle or crash. If this doesn’t work, your computer may be haunted.

If this was the case the server list wouldn’t populate

the error “Skipped frame because GfxDevice is in invalid state(device lost)” is common because it happens every time you alt+tab. It’s not the problem

ZoneAlarm prompts twice for connection with Rust for me.

First - Populating server list
Second - Connecting to servers

When i read zonealarm i chuckled to myself.

Software filewalls… almost as useless as norton or mcafee antivirus

Would much rather use them than Windows Firewall!

Update your video card drivers.