Bouncers hold down a rowdy man

Based on a real hold-down technique used by the bouncers at my local nightclub.*

*One of these bouncers has the most impossibly awesome vulcan grip technique known to man.

C&C etc

Rated optimistic.


That technique doesnt look quite useful.

Those arms.

omg rape!1

British Bouncers =/= Effective Bouncers

The hair+ atmosphere = Looks quite british to me.

Better shut up before I get my personal body guard to beat you up :frowning:

Why are they beating up Will Smith?

Tried to touch the merchandise.

I can’t honestly look at these models without thinking they’re gay, and I gotta say that this pose isn’t helping.

Not one bit.


That’s racism.

Join the club. The Triangle Club!!


I’m not gay…

Wouldn’t have been if I had a bigger damn screen. There were 3 white guys being held back by other guards to the side that never made it