"BOUNCY COLORS! I MUST ESCAPE THE DERP FISH!" - scout got tranqulized by enemy spy.

Meanwhile back in real world

Wow, just, wow.

I can’t stop laughing at the expression of the scout in both pictures, hahahah…

wat is this i don’t even…

The Scout has failed to defend his Intelligence.

Did ya have an acid trip making the first one Kari? :smiley:

My eyes hurt.

Wow, thats is epic. Awesome job. Super original. I see little chuchu up there:D

What in the world!
The scouts hairclip makes him look like he’s 3 years old :v:

whatever the scout took, I want it!

Wow, I laughed at the scouts expressions
What map did you use in the first pic?

This is great, a TF2 pose I’m actually amused by, amazing job man…
To those who may not know, I think! THINK! the tranquilizer made him go into trippy dream world.

tf2 map called “cyberpunk”…
but i’d call it

Congratualtions! You readed title! :smiley:

Where’d you get the bear traps, or are they TF2 models?

And I lol’ed at your reality pic, nice job :slight_smile:

amazing, how did you get the scout to look like that in the first picture?

morph tool, zooming out, makin eyes bigger via console, trippy postprocessing…

thanks, but what about him not having his hat?


form your question better next time please

Cool “story”

Cool pic’s