Bounty hunter seeing some deep shit.

Any idea why a white lamp would turn red after turning it off and on again?

Anyway, C&C, as always.

lamp’s first period congrats

Kinda like Vietnam war vets “I seen some some stuff man, I’ve seen things, I wouldn’t recommend it!” Anyhoo, always good to see a Mandolorian just kicking it.

Kinda empty. Not really much going on besides Jango just standing there.

I do believe that’s not Jango, but I agree its empty. What model is that anyhoo?

I dunno, Jango had a pretty distinctive armor style and color palette, which this model matches kinda well. If I was a gambling man, I’d guess it’s from Force Unleashed 2. Could be wrong.

I just found it on the Steam Workshop, it’s by Lilwassa