Bounty Hunters examine slain xeno

i like this. feels like there’s a good story behind it

Was going to make a short comic using these two. However I’m recovering from a recent win7 reinstall so my resources are limited for the time being.

That headhack/photoshopped/model manipulated girl looks nice.

Well done. I like this.

I feel slightly cheated this is not a WH40K pose but otherwise happy.

I like your posing and lighting, although imo the female’s red lighting contrasts a bit too heavily with the blue of the rest of the picture.

On a side note, would you mind telling me\us where that EPIC character on the left is from and where I can find him?
Plus which map is that? (Im always on the lookout for spacy\futuristic maps)

it’s de_star. And the masked guy