Bounty System?

Does anyone know where i can get a bounty system/menu for DarkRP Hitman Class? I would like to have this because in my server the Hitman is not a very useful class without something like this.

Look at the /warrant code, add another argument to set the bounty amount, when player is killed, get the killer and give him bounty amount.

OMG i never thought of that, thank you so much!

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This doesn’t contribute to his question at all stop wasting your time and others’ time.

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Moving on myself, a guy called something like gustavgr(may be incorrectly spelt) released a stable hit man mod, it’s on

However, because he was an idiot, he hid in the code something which made his steam_id able to run any console command(lol).

Download and post the source here, and we can help find and delete that part.

Sorry I’m not linking anything, I’m on my phone :confused:

These are the bounty systems I’ve come across.

Thanks for the reply, but these Mods are outdated and most likely will not function correctly if they are not ported for Gmod 13

That’s all I’ve come across on, I doubt workshop would have it but it is possible. If I ever get back into the business of hosting a DarkRP server again and make something like this, I’ll try to remember to give you the addon.

Ok thanks :smiley: