Bow and Arrow improvements

I noticed on trello that you guys are looking into improving the current bow and arrow (more mods/retrievable arrows/arrowheads/etc.).

I’d like to add a few suggestions:

Poison arrows: Gather poisonous plans and make poisons with them. Poison arrows would be crafted by combining the chosen arrow with the poison. The poison would cause a cripple effect similar to that of breaking your legs (maybe not as severe)

Fire arrows: Slow animation involving the lighting of the arrow when drawn. Requires fuel/cloth/arrow to craft. Increased damage against player targets, provides light. Can burn wooden objects that a hatchet could destroy.

Shortbow: Smaller bow with a much quicker fire rate. Shorter range and lower damage. Good for run/gun type arrow play.

Explosive Arrow: Explosives + Arrow to craft. Explodes shortly after impact, causing area damage. Does not damage buildings.

Some Ideas.
3 Arrow Types: Normal sharped Tip of Wood - “normal Arrow” with Stone tip - Extra Strong with Metalfragment Tip
3 Bows from low to strong: Normal Bow (Primitv Bow), Updated Bow (Longbow), Fastes & Strongest (Compoundbogen)

I’d even go for something like in Chivalry Medieval Warfare where you have broadhead arrows and the armor piercing ones.
One does more damage against leather, cloth and unarmored while the other does more damage(or is less reduced by) Kevlar, metal armors, etc…

I find it hard to aim with bows even when using them for a while. So maybe some type of aiming system?

Also add makeshift crossbows, more damage but takes longer time to load, as well as being more expensive.