Bow being upgraded.

Just thought i would like to see the bow perform a little bit better wondering if anyone agrees? (Arrow only fly’s 2 feet)

Well its very hard to use at first pretty much like the real thing, but i must admit i dont see many using it because its not much fun to use 10 arrows to kill anything lol

Only the tier 1 bow is in so far. It’s not much use against other players right now but it’s great for hunting wolves and bears (1 arrow to kill animals not 10).

The bow from the proper rust was great, the bow in the reboot feels so weak.

well so far the bow is faster to get a shot off than legacy one from start to finish so i enjoy that part about it. It can use some tweaks but I would like this part to remain. lil more distance maybe id be good for a t1 bow :stuck_out_tongue:

There are plans for several tiers of bows guys have no fear.

The only thing I have a thing with for the bow is the zoom. The zoom makes it really hard for me to aim and I would appreciate it if there was another possible solution such as removing it or adding right click for zoom.

unfortunately the zoom is not comparative to the range of the bow at the moment either. so you can see a target nice and close, but the arrow won’t make half the distance.

Aye fix the zoom please. Its extremely annoying.

Have you ever made a Bush Bow?, i did once, they don’t shoot very well, you’d be lucky to shoot it without snapping the bow or the string lol