Bow/Crossbow Ammunition expansion

With new weapons there comes more possibility of shit to shoot at people, not literally shit but actual more variation of munitions, for this reason I have a cunning plan.

Some of these ideas may only be suited to either arrow or bolt, arrows are shot by a bow and bolts are shot by a crossbow.

Barbed Arrows/Bolts - Cause a heavy bleed effect

Tungsten Tipped Arrows/bolts - A new ore to mine plus they will be Armour piercing something that medieval munitions lacked.

Fuel Soaked Arrow - Shorter range but causes fire damage to buildings and burn damage to players.

Radiated Arrow - An arrow that can only be looted in rad towns, causes radiation damage but is generally weaker as it has been exposed to the elements.

Broad Headed Arrow - Has good range and good overall damage but lacks Armour piercing.

Bodkin Arrows/Bolts - Has excellent range and a 25% chance to pierce metal Armour.

Signal Arrow - Requires gunpowder to make once shot it will travel a shortwhile before exploding with a large light display similar to a firework, could be used to help people find you, signal for the commencing of an attack or just to illuminate an area.

Explosive Arrow - 1 Explosive is needed to make it will explode on impact similar but alot weeker than for example an RPG.

Heavy Arrow - Has a 50% chance of staggering or knocking your opponent to the ground.

Thermonuclear Arrow - this arrow has the capability to erradica… Actually, I think it’s best I don’t go there.

Just as a bonus I have a few Ideas on new ranged weapons too.

Horned bow - Faster reloading times, shorter range, the horn to make it could come from a deer even though deers have antlers.

Longbow - Shoots farther than the regular bow but takes longer to reload and harder to aim.

Throwing rocks - Just cause it’s fun to brick the neighbours windows.

Composite Bow - Overall it is better than the regular bow and requires more materials.

Salvaged Bow - Made of scrap metal, has all the properties of all the bows in one - this item should be highly prized and sought after.

Notable mentions.

Ballsack arrow - An arrow with a ball sack attached to it, fire it at your enemies bases to insult them.