Bow Down to the King

Anyone who was in EW while I was around should have “fond” memories of this douche.

After seeing the whole debate about the validity of the “Don’t wanna make a thread” thread, I decided that while it is a great place to shove little miscellaneous projects it really does cut into the amount of quality content that gets posted in this section. Most people’s work gets swept under the rug when you get these amazing pictures that people post in there because they didn’t like how ONE little corner of the image was lit, and so the less-experienced folk don’t get the feedback they need. Not only that but the very existence of the thread makes a good deal of people think that nothing they make is good enough to deserve its own thread. So hopefully as a step in the right direction, from now on any images that take a significant amount of time and effort for me to make are getting their own threads.


(Also, I’d make the smoke darker, like its surroundings)

Done did it.

You know it’s a good pic but somehow the lighting is off, I feel like it should be brighter, more contrast or rim lighting. I think the bloom on his red scarf makes the scarf stand out. Instead there should be more contrast on his face, like slightly brighter steel frames for the sunglasses or something to make the viewer’s eye fall on his face.