Bow Glitch

So the bow glitch got fixed but. what about the people that spent hours and hours making a house and then got raided because of this glitch. So why not rollback the server -.-

Best get back to gathering wood piles and off the forums. :wink:

I got my camp raided also. It sucks but it’s alpha. I mean, it’s going to be wiped more in the future so you’re gonna have to rebuild anyways.

Alpha. Just saying, expect shit to go wrong.

I know but im just so pissed. it took me 3 days to build my base and then this bug comes out and i just feel like quiting the game.

This alpha excuse is getting overused imo. I get the fact that shit is going to go wrong, but when you make a new weapon how long would it take to test it on everything in the game for them? 10 minutes? Anyways, I haven’t lost anything so whatever.

Im sure they are working on alot of things at the same time, so missing something like the dmg the bow could do, is easy, and thats why we are here, to find what they missed so they can fix it. then again, its just another way to yet again say its alpha tho.

We are the testers bro…

Agreed. rollback. I spent 11hrs building just yesterday alone and now I have no walls. Fantastic.


Should come back to the US server with Nore and I <3

I successfully defended our base from 5 asshats with bows while he was offline. Shotgun > Bow.

You shut your goddamn mouth, hardcore. I just might. Tell me where you are, Imma grief you. lmao

But only after you’ve helped me, of course.

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No, rly tho, I may jump on the US server again. I’m very depressed with the current standing of my EU base lol. I’ll probably hit you guys up tonight via DG and get your info for voicecomm (ts, mumble, razer, skype, whatever you dbags are using). I also have a mumble server that we can use if needed.

We look forward to you finally gracing us with your presence. I’ll PM you the information on DG <3

My appalled husky avatar is appalled. It won’t be till later tonight tho… like, late late.

I can’t access DG from work though, so i’ll need to wait, apparently my InfoSec team is aware of DG, and has asked me not to access the forum from my work pc. lmao.

Edit: Also, lol @ personal convo in random thread. HOLD ON EVERYONE, THREAD HAS BEEN DERAAAAAA…

can you take it to pms with your loverboy?

This has been fixed