Bow Nerf Intentional?

If you fire bow, then try to switch weapons, there is a long delay before you can switch.

Is this an intentional nerf of the bow? It def makes it harder to bow vs. M4 now because the follow up hack after a bow strike is very important.

Can a dev confirm?

Many players have confirmed this has happened but have not seen a dev speak on it. Modded and vanilla servers alike.

I personally think it’s a bug as the time it takes to switch from bow to other weapon is not consistent.

I hope so. Maybe devs will see this post and address…

Same here. I have to spam my other keys before it will switch.

I punched the shit out of my keyboard.

I noticed, and it seems to be on everything. I think it’s a good idea when switching weapons. For example, before you could have 5 pipe shotguns and switch and shoot faster than reloading.

I do request that they only do the delay when switching from weapons. It’s annoying to be gathering resources and some guy runs up on you and you can’t switch from your hatchet to a weapon to defend yourself when they are on KOS mode. By the time your weapon comes out they already got multiple shots at you.

I didn’t know that about the pipe shotguns. That’s pretty cool!

So maybe the nerf was intentional?

Agreed, at first i thought maybe it was intended because i guess it makes sense it would take time to swap weapons. But then i realized I could shoot my bow and pull out my pick axe right after with no delay but the stone hatchet and regular hatchet had a delay. I would say that indicates this is most certainly a bug.