Bow vs. 9MM Pistol

Why does the bow+arrow do more damage than the standard 9MM pistol? Seems quite odd that an arrow to the head does 75 damage (tested) and the pistol does 25 or 50 (tested as well, don’t remember which it was).
Don’t believe me? Go find a bear or wolf, arrow will dispatch in less hits.

I have not tested against other weapons, but I believe it will still hold true all the way up the ladder that bow does more damage… Considering my friend took 4 shots (all of which hit) with the M4 to dispatch a deer, and bow does it in 2.

Is this an accuracy balance or something? The bow I find incredibly easy to be accurate with if that’s the case.

the pistol is a panic weapon , the bow is not

I like the bows power as is. It takes more skill and it’s more about hunting and strategy.

Animals do not have heads to get headshots with.

The damage test was done in our base from point blank, I was the recipient of rounds for experimenting :stuck_out_tongue:

Animals still do have life though, if you don’t have a bullet bag to test it on who can will tell you the amount of damage you just did, lol.

I’m not asking for a nerf/buff of anything, just asking if it was a speed/accuracy balance aspect or if there was any reasoning behind it?

9mm pistol all the way. Just my opinion :slight_smile:

Personally, I think the bow needs a buff-up, you are comparing a lead slug that will likely pass right through, causing stress to the surrounding tissues, and some moderately substantial bleeding to a pointed, edged weapon that goes deep but not through, and will cause severe tissue damage, and likely death from bleedout if removed without immediate medical attention, plus the tip is made from an unsterilized rock, if that doesn’t kill you, the resulting infection likely would, just a thought of mine, rate me dumb, but at least consider where I am coming from on my logic, I don’t know much about guns, but I know enough to rate the difference in the projectiles.

Just remember how you ‘made’ that 9mm and the ammo that went with it. Not saying that was the devs intention or thought process but to me, a homemade bow would quite possibly be superior to a homemade zip gun. It’s not like we are building beretta’s in a stone furnace in our wood hits with metal doors…:wink:

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Without going crazy about guns vs bows I mostly agree here. Each projectile is/ would be devastating in its own right but in different ways. Like I said, consider how each weapon is made (I.e. Rust ‘lore’)

If you’re hit by an arrow, does it cause you to bleed?

I’m not familiar with the usage of weapons and the form of wounds, I am mostly making assumptions based on what each does. I would assume you would sort of leak blood, but essentially the embedded projectile would prevent major bleeding, but if removed would cause a gaping wound (larger than a 9mm mind you,) that would be bleeding profusely.

Ah, I meant in-game. Like, in Rust, as of now, if you get shot by some guy with a bow and arrow will it cause you to bleed? :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe so, to be honest I usually gather enough resources to bypass the bow stage :v: and I don’t recall ever being shot with one.

If you get shot with a bow, you bleed in-game. Yes.

The argument of the bow possibly being better than the 9MM that was “home-made” doesn’t really stand up when the pipe-shotgun performs as well as, or better than the bow. Just saying…

The wound channels of the different projectiles is really different. The arrow makes more of a “clean cut” through the meat, like a knife, since essentially that’s what the head is.

Slugs do the same (but tear through), but they have much more force behind them and “dump” some of their energy into the target (more pronounced with HP’s). The human body is mainly water, so the bullet essentially causes severe bruising of internal organs in the wound cavity as it passes through the body, or complete rupture (as with just about any living animal). This can lead to shock and obviously instant death… as well as well… we all know.

A .44 magnum literally turns the chest cavity of a deer into minced meat. A arrow slices through the internal organs causing the heart/lungs to fail depending on what you hit with it.

Just trying to inform you with that info is all, I’m an avid hunter. If you really want to see a wound channel from a gun bullet, just youtube ballistic gel tests for pretty much any caliber.

I did not intend for this to turn into a debate, I was just wondering if this was some sort of balance the devs implemented mainly.

The balance is in the rate you can fire a bow and pull the trigger of a 9mm gun.
(Dmg per sec)

Well, with someone with your caliber of understanding (pun not intended,) I feel that you would win this argument anyway, I don’t hunt, I only do a little target shooting with a .22 mostly, I just took a guess, I guessed wrong :v: thanks for clearing things up!

Then I feel the balance is not off.

From arrow 1 actually being fired, NOT DRAWN, to second arrow fired is something around 3 seconds…

I can dump the whole mag in that amount of time far out damaging the bow…