[ +BOWHUNTERS+ (OXIDE-MOD) *HARDCOREMODE* ][No-Craft C4 / Kevlar/ MilitaryWeapons]=[Rare Items],[DoorShare]

** WIPED 22/06/2014 that’s dd/mm/yy for you in the US ****

**Hello my fellow Rustafarian’s!
So…I’ve always had a vision to play rust where handmade weapons where the only craft-able weapons, and the only way to get military gear you had to go out and search for it as its rare to find, this helps make the game feel more realistic and gives you more to do, this server is my vision a realistic rust where you collect rare items!.
… And hey handmade weapons are a laugh to PvP with too!

This server Runs a Hardcore/Caveman Style Game-mode, Basically all the loot spawns and crafting are custom to how we think rust should be!

Brief Description of hardcore mode

  • In hardcore mode you are forced to use handmade weapons, they are the only weapons you can craft.
  • All Military Gear, Kevlar Armour, Mili Weapons, C4, Grenades, Bolt Action can only be found in rare spawns and not crafted!
  • Obtaining a full metal base is very hard as the items are rare and you cant craft them. (There are specific airdrops that drop a fair amount of parts to make a metal base, Fight over them!)

Do You Even bear grylls, Bro?

Military Weapons, Kevlar Set, Bolt Action Rifle and Explosive Charge/Grenades are not craft-able only found From rare Drops, All Handmade weapons are enabled for crafting including the Revolver…THIS IS REAL SURVIVAL!

For a more in depth look at the loot spawns click here rusttools.com

** Mod List!**

  • Custom Loot Spawns

  • Custom Crafting

  • Arrow Recovery

  • Custom Anti-Hacks

  • Local Chat [ /l “Message” ]

  • Private Messaging [ /pm “Name” “Message” ]

  • Chat History [ /history ]

  • Decay Controller [ No More Bases Disappearing in 12 hours or less ]

  • Remover Tool [ Hit the item on your base you wish to remove with the pick-axe twice and poof! back in your inventory ]

  • Kill Bot [ PvP Kills Displayed In chat ]

We Also run Multiple Anti-Hack Systems, Aswell as the Cheat-Punch system, a Steam Vac-ban Checker/Kicker And New Aimbot Detection.** **

All these features and more help to keep hackers out and players happy!

**We have a simple Goal…Unique Rust gameplay with no hackers **

Because Fair Gameplay Is Good Gameplay!

Our Setup Of Anti-Hack Measures

  • Aimbot detection
  • Speed Hack detection
  • Flyhack detection
  • Players with VAC bans can not join the server
  • Players with Family Sharing Steam Accounts can not join the server
  • Players with less than 25Hours give the admin a notification to inspect their steam account to make sure its not a alternate account used for hacking (Basically i look and see that you don’t just own rust)
  • Play time displayed upon joining, Location Displayed on Joining
  • Custom logs set to track player data in server for admin review
  • PvP kills displayed in chat
  • Vote to Kick (Only Active When Admin Is Offline)

This is a new server but by no means our first rust server, please stick around as the population grows and report all problems here!

See you in game!



Bop with your rock out.***

How to join:

Hit F1 when in game and copy the text below into the text box on the grey console simples :wink:



**We will be doing a steam game giveaway to populate the server when we hit 50 players i will be giving away 10 games.

i will write down all names and put them in a box shuffle them and pick them out at random.

This will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube to prove its valid and fair**.

**Feel Like Helping us out ? **



Contact Info:


Do you have a forum on rusttools ? I found you on there when I googled you, ill be on again tonight

Yep we have a sub forum on forum.rusttools.com, so if you need to ask questions you can get us there.

But im active on here also. :slight_smile:

Spawning revised and tested for many hour, we have hit a balanced perfection, For rare item list click the link in the original post. This will now encourage trading

Fresh server guys, Great for people just starting on this server, we could do with a bigger community on here the admins are top notch

Thanks For The Review, :slight_smile:

You have people flying around mass suiciding on your server right now. The inept admin “can’t get a name”.

Yep and even after saying 3 times in chat to disable fall damage so the suicide hack won’t work it still hasn’t been done… not playing until it is.

0% hacking tolerated 0% admin abuse tolerated, I will personally make sure of it! GOOD ONE.

Mass suiciding been going on for an hour. So much for “active admin” and “zero hacks” and all that jazz he put in his post.

Don’t waste your time playing on this server. There’s at least 5 hackers on it with a pop of 30. So 1 of our every 6 people is a hacker. Spend your time on a different server.

Great server! All the right settings and plugins, good mods who try their best to prevent hackers and few resets!

See you in game

Unfortunately for me they hit me at a worst time when i had been called out to work as the store alarm had gone off, i apologize for the delay in getting rid of the players but they are all now banned from the server permanently. They just chose a perfect time to join i’m afraid

Try and find another server that offers what we do, our admins are dedicated to all players enjoyment. you’ll have a hard time finding an equivalent.

WOW who would do such a horrible thing, hope they get hit by a bus the wankers. You did a good job mate like always your my number 1 server and you deserve way more credit than you get. :slight_smile:

Well people will do anything to make a server look bad in the hope they get more players on their server, i wasn’t going to give them what they wanted. They can jog right on!!

who’s your server host?

Multiplay, If your looking to buy a server they will be a good choice, As soon as they are implementing a oxide addon auto set up so you don’t have to spend ages figuring out how to work it if you are new to mods, you will still have to write your own loot spawns tables though

Not so sure about the bolt action being uncraftable :/. Feels like im missing a long range weapon

It drops on zombies and is not that rare so its not all that hard to get, the server is meant to be more based around the handmade stuff like the pipe shotgun, bow, hand cannon. the rare drops add value to items and make the game more interesting. if people have a hard time finding one i will up the spawn rate

Come Check us out we are good and busy :slight_smile:

im enjoying your new loot tables, it feels right when everyone is using the handmade weapons. and looking for rare weapons adds more replay value. good job

New Bounty Mode, Put bounty’s on the heads of your enemy’s.