[ +BOWHUNTERS+ ]- We Now Have A 500-man US server- HardcoreMode, *Nocraft,C4,Miliweps* *RareDrops*

Us server has closed down.

We are just running a EU server from Now on we have a 12 month subscription and plan to support it for the foreseeable future!

For UK/EU server Check [ http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1348230 ]

Nice you have a US server as well you guys are moving up in the world of rust xD

Only moving up if we get populated, we have the admins and all the good addons and perfected spawns, all we need now is the players

This is my new favorite server. I plan to make this my new home. Rocks off to Bowhunters for making this happen!

Server is running really smooth. I’ll be on tonight if anyone wants to team up, msg me!

the way rust should be played

Agreed, the loot spawns are bang on in my opinion

How do the door alarms work?

Finally a server that makes Rust fun! I think this server can be the best if we just get some more players in here. What are you waiting for?!?

Figured out the door alarm. This server is great.

FRESH WIPE!!, come check us out, we have a new base editor feature, remove structures that you place down, get rid of those pesky pillars

Love the service you provide for UK server so have a free bump, hey id pay you if I wasn’t so skint xD

Well … 5$ is awsome but check the rules, its perfect. If I had a server I’ll use the same rules. I’m gonna try it for sure and call all my friends! GJ

I am giving it a try seems good so far.

Loving the server so far.

Is door share working as you guys intended? The Code input is a bit tedious.

Please post exactly what the issue is and ill get straight to it :wink:

I have now removed door sharing from the server, Stick to using the in-game door codes from now on to share with friends

Well, that sucks.

unfortunately LeftyGuns who pays for the server has not been in contact with me for a long time, so my guess is hes given up on the server.

The UK/EU bowhunters will always be funded and running as it is run all completely by me, so come on over :slight_smile: