Bows & Arrows, The Purgatory

Since lately to aim with the bow without drawing a crosshair on your screen has become really hard; then also the damage of bows has been reduced.
Ok for me, i’ll learn again how to shoot.

But the animation is kinda horrible; the arms position is all wrong! (i know you don’t give a fuck, average rust player neither).
By what i recall we had 3 animations:

1 The point of the arrow was the right spot. OP
2 A strange point behind your hand and bow was the right spot. OP?
3 The perfect middle of your screen is the right spot, but don’t expect the arrow to go there. well, not OP, mostly “meh”.

Here some videos on how you could animate the bow shooting with no ironsight:


One single bow type? please! give us more!

Short Bow - faster to reload, lower range, lower top arrow speed. cheaper
Hunting Bow - the bow we have now!
Long Bow - slower to reload, higher range, best top speed. expansive

One single material? please! give us many more!

Wooden / Composite / Metal

The bow price could be: “Bow + String”

Cheap String - to make the crafting of a bow cheaper
Quality String - to have a damage, range boost
Special String - to have a special effect (invent one!)

And now about the Arrows:

Only wooden arrows? Please! Give us plenty more!

Bone Arrow - finally something to use your infinite stacks of bone fragments! less damage!
Wooden Arrow - the arrows we have now!
Stone Arrow - tiny stony head on your arrow to have more mass and more damage!
Metal Arrow - the ultimate arrow to penetrate armours!

Use arrows to express you gaming style!

Torch Arrow - the recipe could be “any arrow” + “cloth” + “low grade fuel” = an arrow that help you illuminate areas during the night, for a short period (5 minutes?)
Explosive Arrow - the recipe could be: “any arrow” + “explosives” + “cloth” + “low grade fuel” = an arrow that explodes short after you fire it (less explosives than c4, less damage than c4, 1/5?)
Other Special Arrows - any thing you can imagine could stay here.

First up, really hard to aim the bow :[/VID]

Looked into possible issues with the anim placement but turned out to be the offset on the ironsight camera. Have played around & got something that gives people more of a fighting chance hopefully, even without a reticle.


Just gonna tweak some of the anims next. Hollar if you need anything extra (like dry fire, straining shake)

I definately agree on the fact that we need to expand the diversity of bows and early game projectiles.

interesting :o

Arrow Removal? Having to pull arrows out of your body to stop bleeding?

Poison Arrows (Herb Gathering? Antidotes?)
Barbed Arrows (Greater Damage upon being removed than inside)
Flash Arrows (Similar to Torch Arrows with a bunch of Magnesium for the flare up, temporary blinding)
Smoke Signal Arrows (Blunt used to signal over long distances, range of colors)
Grappling Arrows (Arrow + string, used for scaling buildings/rocks)

There are a lot of possibilities here.

Bodkin arrows, plus damage on armored.

Technically, pulling arrows would most likely cause more severe bleeding.

Like the different arrow ideas though.

Maybe temporarily. But its not like you can just leave the arrow in there. If the arrowhead is through the target and sticking out the other side, its better to pull the arrow straight though. Maybe make it so if a bow injury is severe enough, only someone else with medical supplies can help?

We’re getting into technical stuff here that doesn’t need to be in the game. But if you know about first aid you would know the last thing you do when impaled deeply by a sharp object is to remove it right away. While the object is in you it is preventing a rapid loss of blood by blocking/plugging the hole. As soon as you remove the object you will begin bleeding profusely. Best leave it in and seek immediate help from a doctor.

In the case of the game run back to your base and apply an “Impalement Kit” for each arrow, lol.

Yeah, yanking stuff out of your body is more dangerous than leaving it there. You’ll just bleed out and die, which is a more immediate concern than an infection which maybe you can fight and survive. Especially if you’re unsure whether major artery was hit.

Love the idea of more bows and arrows

Frank is absolutely right in regards to first aid.

One way to stop severe bleeding like that in the field would be to apply a tourniquet. Which long term is dangerous. It would be cool to have something like that temporarily stop bleeding for a few minutes though. Or military grade quick clot until a bandage is applied to permanently stop bleeding.

In regards to arrows I like the idea of different types, but also different ways to shooting the bow. Adding an ability for power on the bow would mean I could essentially use less power but arch the bow over a covered wall area. It would allow for different shot angles that you really can’t do with the current system.

i agree arrowstick doesn’t need to be thought of too much. i’d just have it as something visible like tf2 rather than necessarily a functional issue, unless you wanted to have say an encumbering effect whilst it was stuck in there, and a context event that removes the arrow, dealing minor damage and bleeding in exchange for removal of the debuff.

as for rl? i wouldn’t rush to remove it, but eventually it has to come out; its preventing closure of the wound, and leaving a nice “little” path for infection. pushing through tends to be best if its already pretty much all the way in there. if it’s shallow, it tends to be cutting it out (ouch) and dealing with a slightly bigger wound. either way, if that shit hits a major artery, it probably won’t be a problem for long under these kind of circumstances. you’ll die of internal bleeding without surgical intervention.

Yes I am down with this.

For major attacks, maybe there is no such thing as actual fully healing. For instance: you get in a gun/bow fight, you lose a couple guys but you kill the rest. Your a decent run from your base, so to save all your loot you have to temporarily wrap yourself up in whatever grade banage you have (First aid kit, Gauze+bandage, bandage, someone else’s bloody t-shirt, etc). Then you boot it back to your house, know ing there is a very high probability that you are going to die. Along the way though, 2 fully equipped perfect health guys see you and your 2 buddies limping through the woods with arrows sticking out of you and blood everywhere.

Some people may not like the idea of planned deaths, but there could also be a “surgery” feature. IE: you make it back to a bed in your house, a friend can perform “surgery” on you thats similar to crafting, for fully re-healing someone.

quite meh.

i know i won’t be happy with bows any time soon.

i simply hope that it keeps shooting in the middle, maybe with closer refering points (im actually useing as crosshair the middle of the belt items, i place the bow in number 3 or 4, and use the side of the blue square as precision point; to adjust the “up-down” aiming you just need training)

Though, even if the mechaninc is not complete, we simple rust players would love some more diversity! :slight_smile: