Bows n Melee

The Rust game has become too overrun with high tech weaponry that can gained so easily. I feel that Melee weapons, bows and low tech firearms get overlooked for this reason. I find it much more of a challenge and fun to go around a with a bow and sword. What do other players think ?

In my opinion, bows should be relevant even in late game. If anything, become the ‘Honorable weapon’ in rust. They should not do the most damage, but they should no doubt do the most bleeding by far and should still be viable endgame. Perhaps make it so getting shot in the limb does damage but little bleeding, the only real serious bleeding comes from a shot to the upper body and head. FP should consider a more powerful variant like a recurve bow?

As for melee, we should be stunning people with hits, if you hit someone, they should jolt and be forced to gain some distance from the attacker to recover and escape a combo. Second, remove weapon throwing on most of the weapons, add a block ability instead. It’s unwise to throw your sword. Melee weapons should leave you bleeding BAD if you get hit, not just dink you a little and do nothing. If anyone with a proper melee weapon gets in close to a gunner, they deserve to kill him.

Finally, we need stealth executions with knives. Holding a knife and pressing the RMB should a swift animation that finishes off your opponent quickly and quietly. People bitch and complain that it will be OP but they don’t know anything because we never tested it lmao. Besides, most people have guns and know you’re coming at them anyway. It would be relatively rare to even get a proper stealth kill.

(Perhaps make certain armor immune to stealth kills if people hate it that much? That’s a win-win to me.)

The current bow should stay relatively weak. People complained when it got a nerf but you could literally make it and the ammunition purely by picking stuff up off the ground. This should not let you go toe to toe with a geared dude as it used to… BUT I do like the idea of a recurve or compound bow(Maybe with sights?) that can fire arrows that don’t look like twigs.

agreed… far more fun

Perhaps napalm or explosive arrows?

Compound bows/crossbows, broadhead and flaming arrows.

Any weapon that sticks in you should cause bleeding till its removed. This is what will make the biggest difference and actually make such low tier weapons dangerous. Maybe slow the person if the object is in their legs, or screw their aim up if in the arm?

I would like to see a longbow with a long loading time but high range average damage.

The bow is great how it is. I have downed a lot of ak folks with it. It is deadly serious.
But by far one of my favorite things. The hunt is so fun

the spear is still superior to everything :what:

Yea but it’s a one shot. And a good way to balance it.
But it should be if you get a spear in your head… your not getting up from that lol

mostly ill run around with a lot of them. Killed yesterday 3 fullgeared guys when they were solo. They werent bad shots but i was always able to sneak up to them after the first hit most people start panicing