Box Physics?

I have a ak47, and I want it to stand up instead of falling sideways every time I spawn it. How do I do that?

wh… what?

What’s so bad about it falling?

I just need it to not fall, I also need to make my pot stand up and not be a rolley polley.

Take a look at the Prop Hunt code it has what your looking for.

You are going to have to to perps entity folder, perp/entities/entities/pot/init.lua and set its physics there. code from Prop Hunt[lua]local hull_xy_max = math.Round(math.Max(ent:OBBMaxs().x, ent:OBBMaxs().y))
local hull_xy_min = hull_xy_max * -1
local hull_z = math.Round(ent:OBBMaxs().z)

		// Set player hull server side.
		pl:SetHull(Vector(hull_xy_min, hull_xy_min, 0), Vector(hull_xy_max, hull_xy_max, hull_z))
		pl:SetHullDuck(Vector(hull_xy_min, hull_xy_min, 0), Vector(hull_xy_max, hull_xy_max, hull_z))

Not for PERP, for CDF RP

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not working >:(

Get rid of the SetHealth part i forgot to delete it.