Box random crashes daily

My box crashes daily for some reason anyone know what might be causing it?

Core2Quad Q9650 4 cores
4gb ram
Windows server 2008 web edition
640gb HDD


Is it running perp2?

Yes. and 1 other server.

Probably WAMP.

I’m using xampp.

WAMP, xammp. Same thing, its a bunch of software pre-configured for you and is in general not secure.

Use IIS or Apache, but don’t use those pre-configured software bundles.

Is your desktop password secure? What does event manager say? Have you even bothered checking it after the crashes?

What would I look for in the event manager?

Wamp is so much better.

Monitor your box. Use speccy to look for high temperatures.

the core temp is 50C
And I have been monitoring it.
I had problems with wamp.
Probably because of it not being 64bit but xampp is working fine.


And it appears I’ll need to raise the mb port to 1000 soon because apparently 100 isn’t enough.

Why would it matter if it was 32bit or 64bit on windows server 2008… 64bit is backwards compatible.

Don’t know all I know is that I’m having problems.


with the box

Installed programs list:

$10/hour and I’ll look into it for you.

he wants your gamemode

I’m not hiring anyone to connect to my box and look at it :confused:

I have been monitoring your box the past couple hours. Your box has not crashed most likely you got (d)dos and were panicking.

Do you work for limestone? It seems to crash at 12pm normally. this is central usa time.

No. I had access to that already and didn’t steal it.

Suit yourself.

Not but, I know a shit ton about dedicated servers. If you have gotten attacked the easy way to stop it is have your box deny the packets. Lime stone networks will have you wait for 1-3 hours. Not trying to say the support is bad. Its very good. Just there tier3 support is lacking a little.

If you’re certain it’s actually crashing and not a network issue check the Event Viewer, and see if it writes any minidumps to C:\Windows\minidumps. We had some crashes a while ago coming from the network driver. (Running nearly the same setup)