Boxer-16 Engine Car

Threw together 2 dupes i had laying around and this was the result.

Screenshot of engine dyno:

Troll the music if you must but keep in mind, no one gives a fuck.

The music sucks ass and so does the car.

Screenshot Master Race, also didnt somebody say that you got the G-Mod Discussion Forum for built stuff now?

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This car, looks very nice, Engine dyno makes the car look very powerful, but, will it match up to my standards of driving?

Well it is a movie so i don’t really see how its out of place in the SCREENSHOTS AND MOVIES forum

Contraptions or whatever they are called go into the Garrys Mod Discussion Forum now.
Not here, nobody knows why its called Screenshots and Movies, nobody ever posts Movies over here.

Wrong forum or not that thing looks like it’d be pretty fun to drive around in.

Why are you a rude little bitch? Did your parents not teach you how to behave maturely? Wait, why are you even posting in this thread, you clearly haven’t even built anything in gmod since you’re so ignorant.

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Who said? I don’t remember reading anywhere about contraption screenshots and/or movies going in the General Discussion forum.

If the thread needs moving, it’ll be moved.

People whining just because it isn’t a furry ragdoll posed in a retarded way with a shit filter slapped on it in is fucking retarded.

Cool car bro, keep working at it.

There’s not a thread w/o this shitstorm.
Regardless, it’s a nice car; seems engines are mainstream now.

Guess that means I need to stop making them.