Boxer powered HOTE RODDEM

hnnngh car with a boxer 8 piston. creates astronomical amounts of power, spins the wheels quite well and pushes the car along at 42mph (the car’s wheels’ max angular speed).

took about 3 engine designs to get one sturdy enough to withstand this kind of torque-torture. uses a diff at the back to transfer power. vroom

Why the fuck did you have to use Justice - Stress as the music :byodood:

Also it looks really unstable :geno:

It looks like one of Father Gregori’s traps…I LIKE IT!

Yeah it doesn’t look very stable at all. The looks themselves are mediocre, too. The engine is more suited to a train, something big and heavy that needs a lot of torque. But my bet is that the power comes from 10,000 mult thrusters. Therefore, the reason the car is so fast is probably that it is light. If you used such powerful thrusters, you would need a heavy vehicle for it to not shake everywhere, which negates the power it gives. I know this because almost all my engines need 10,000 multiplier thrusters to get up to any semblance of torque.

And it’s a four cylinder engine. Your two adjacent cylinders are welded together, so there are really only 4.

i like the live version of stress better

cool car bro

This car is hilarious. Locked diff ftw :v:

8 thrusters = 8 piston, each at 50 thrust, whole thing weighs ~5 tons

well then, works nice. But if they only have 50 thrust, why does the whole thing look like it’s spazzing like crazy?

rofl unstable but awesome

the engine is supposed to do that

Its shit

It’s rusty

its colonel jesh

It looks like it is going to tear itself apart.

to be honest it looks like its gonna explode any minute