Boxes are broken!

When you place a box, open it, then close it/walk away, you will no longer be able to open the box till you relog.

Please upvote the bug.

You don’t have to relog, unless you can’t wait – they eventually time out and work again. Takes a long while though.

Maybe… The box places you. Maybe… your the one who is broken. Think about that BabyFetus. Fix yourself.

Thanks for the useless post.

Also. Not only are boxes broken, trees don’t seem to appear if I reconnect to use my boxes. And eventually the game crashes. Memory leak?

Another thread regarding the tree issue has been erected. And memory leakage seems to be a valid hypothesis.

Yeah, basically anytime I want to reconnect, I leave the game completely and re-launch it. Otherwise I encounter missing trees, random lag, crashes, etc.

I’m having an issue with them as well. It gives you the “Occupied” message. I restarted the game and it did it again when I interacted with it.

EDIT: Forgot to mention it’s on dev build 1159

you do not have to restart, if you go out away for little while and come back you can get in them again,

mass disconnect players from the server

I second this.

they just fixed this ! but all items in wood box are gone !

Yeah, for me the boxes were now empty AND it still showed occupied after first use.

i also have not been able to destroy wood boxes in the new patch, they seem invulnerable, which can be exploited in certain situations

fixed and no more occupied on latest update on my server :slight_smile:

Does look like they’ve fixed it but in the process the inventory of those boxes were removed. No biggie. Not like materials are hard to get.