Boxing ring

Great use of the camera flashing shit.

fuckin’ love it

Original idea, I like it.

Oh my jesus fuck. This is flippin’ amazing.

Cut me… CUT ME. I can’t see out there, man!

Oh, ahahaha! That’s great!

My god, amazing!

I love it! Great work!

how is he bleeding with faceguards on… i dont understand can someone explain
nice lighting and editing, picture looks really good

What the heck is going on with the engineer?

You’re gonna eat lightning,and gonna crap thunder!


btw,where did you get the separated boxing gloves?


Awesome. One of the more original TF2 poses I’ve seen. Good job on the crowd.

the crowd is part of the map,actually

I know. I have this map. Was referring to the blitz and lens effects.


thats actually really cool

The contrast isn’t very nice but I love the idea and the rest of the editing. The faceposing on the medic and engie are dumb though.

Haha it looks awesome.