boxman player model

i was looking at that hat maker stool and it had a boxman setting…

i was wondering if someone could make a accual boxman player model.

this is what i want out of the player model…

*when you die, the ragdoll is breakable, just like a regular set of boxes.

*comes with a ragdoll prop in the prop section

*and can be used in every server… (it doesnt have to do this)

heres a picture of what i want and other people want…

there seems to be some civillian legs showing and some other body parts that i dont want… so just make a complete boxman model

thx : MrMisterXD

(User was banned for this post ("Missed the requests" - PLing))

Those are all impossible/extremely tough.

1: Impossible

2: Possible

3: If the server master allows it.

Also I think there is a model like this, Danboard me thinks its called.