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I once trolled this server.

I am a EX-Admin and I am warning you don’t go near these freaks, I can garuntee you will be miserble.

Meh went on, greeted by a propblock I then rdmed lol, darkrp weapons suck ass for aimbots.

No, your aimbot just sucks.
6 owners? Your doing it wrong.

We only now have 2 owners and we are changing the gamemode to an amazing edit.


I have announced that I have left Bouncy Projectiles and this advertisement is not needed anymore.
If an admin reads this, please either delete or lock the ad.


Im sorry but facepunch isnt a blog.

I’m just about puking at the name let alone the website. Please, get a new site…


Stop with the prejudice & racism please. The server may need some work, but you should try to help instead of behaving like this.

Bobby, have you ever had a group for more than a month without quitting and starting another?

Just returning the favour to them.

An eye for an eye isn’t a good idea.

True, yet again I was a admin and I got booted for being Canadian.

Well then instead of trolling them, why not post that on the thread, make them look bad if they really did.

just did ;3

I’m talking about for future reference, don’t even do the trolling part.


Just a useful tip to not get you banned, =/, anyway we are derailing the shit out of this thread, stop talking about it.

Alright, back on track.